Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash 2.0

Serve your customers in a race against the clock


  • Lots of levels
  • Good balance in diifficulty level in early levels
  • Fun soundtrack


  • Later levels are too hard
  • Nothing original


Cooking Dash is a cooking game which requires you to serve customers in the shortest possible time as you race against the clock.

The trick is to serve your customers as quickly as possible while making sure that you keep the satisfied by treating them courteously and ensuring they get the right orders and the right time. Cooking Dash sounds easy enough but when you've got several orders going on at the same time, it soon becomes quite stressful.

The waitress you control is called Flo and she has to do everything from cook food to waiting tables. The aim is to amass as many tips as possible. To control Flo, use the mouse to click on the places where you want her to go in the restaurant. The graphics and gameplay are very typical for this kind of race against the clock cooking genre and so there's nothing particularly original in Cooking Dash although it can at least claim to be one of the originators. Cooking Dash has 50 levels of gameplay which does at least keep it challenging. There's also a fun and bouncy soundtrack to accompany it although you can switch this off if it becomes annoying.

Cooking Dash is a simple but addictive game that will appeal to all fans of the the dinner dash genre.

Cooking Dash


Cooking Dash 2.0

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